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Name:Linda Danvers
Location:United States of America
Former-Earthborn-Angel/Part-Time-Supergirl/High-School-Art-Teacher at your service!

[OOCly, because I feel like I owe some sort of explanation to anyone that is brave enough to click on this and see the profile:

Her Canon:

Canon Added Since:
Linda has been operating in Leesburg by herself for some years. (Well, not entirely by herself--for, you see, unmerged Linda still has Mae's memories in her head, but that's all that she currently has left of her old partner.) When one is merged with another living being for as long as Linda was merged with Mae, a state of co-dependence develops. As the years wore on, she realized how much she missed her old 'better half' and her own psyche and memory have worsened. Blackest Night then happened and, like the other former Titans, she wound up in Hypertime but on Mae's Smallville. Returning to the dead planet triggered Mae's memories in her head, allowing her to learn of Mae's true origin and her old world. After kicking ass with the Amazons, the JSA, and her fellow-ish Titans, Linda met up with Gnarrk and gave him a lift to help him find Lilith; after dealing with the Smallvilles and fighting alongside the Titans, she began to consider dropping the mantle of Supergirl, as she felt she hadn't been acting in a manner fitting a Supergirl and needed to atone, grow up, and move on. For the first time in years, Linda spoke to Superman (who was his usual, uber cool self about everything), apologized for her behavior, and asked for time to settle things in Leesburg before visiting Ma and Pa and then figuring out how she could serve the world--she's not yet certain how, but she is certain it will no longer be as Supergirl. When she went back to Leesburg, she had hash-browns with Strange Visitor, stopped a robbery, and wound up having to save the robber (alright, that's a bit out of order); Linda made a bad call and let the robber go, only to hear that he held up a convenience store the next day.

Get all that? Great. Thanks for being brave enough to click and to read this.

Have a nice day.

And treat yourself to some Elvis Costello:]
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